• Why are JustEat running a seed programme?

    We believe better technology will be a key driving force behind creating the world’s greatest food community.

    That’s why we’re investing in both tech innovation and tech start-ups in the food industry to push the industry forward and create a strong sector that is better for business and better for those working in the sector. By investing in the sector, we can play a pivotal role in building a bigger and more robust food tech community.

  • What type of startups should apply?

    We’re looking for start-ups that have the potential to transform the food industry from Farm to Fork to Bin. And we’re not just thinking about a quicker service, easier preparation or a smoother experience. We’re also thinking about the impact our industry has on the world around it. This means organisations that are reducing food waste, driving transparency in supply chains, creating more sustainable packaging, offering eco-friendly delivery options, along with a host of other creative solutions that we haven’t even dreamt of yet!

  • When does the programme start?

    We are currently focusing on our Alumni and so do not have a date for the next programme.

  • Do we have to be based in London for the duration of the programme?

    Yes. We believe that you will get the most out of the programme if you are local to the mentors, partners and fellow entrepreneurs.

  • Do you provide office space as part of the programme?

    For the 12 weeks we will provide office space for you. Being co-located with mentors and fellow entrepreneurs provides great support whilst on the programme.

  • I’m not looking for funding, can I still apply to the Seed Programme?

    The Seed Programme is designed to accelerate your business and to help get you in great shape for pitching for Seed funding on Demo Day.

  • Will you fund multiple startups working on the same idea?

    We try and represent the diversity of FoodTech on our Programme but from time to time we come across great startups working on similar ideas. As well as the support we provide during the Programme we expect the cohort to work closely together to help each other therefore we aim to make sure that’s possible. If there are two startups solving similar problems then we aim to put them on different programmes but sometimes this isn’t possible.

  • How much do you invest?

    Our programme is designed to help you accelerator to Seed investment and get the right deal for future funding. We invest £20k in the form of a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) which we believe keeps things simple. You can download a copy of our agreement here